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Every purchase contributes to advancing STEM education for your and our children. Smarty can help take care of you now, but our children are the future and we hope to help them prepare by learning all they can. We donate to educational programs that help advance the opportunities given to children to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

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Your skin deserves the best possible care and love. Every purchase supports a kiddo who wants to know more about the way things work in the universe.

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Cutting edge CBD and Hemp products. Science got us here so let us help you feel more calm and at peace.

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We love working together and want to help you be your best self for you and those you love.

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We've Owned Skincare and Wellness businesses for years. We know how to help.

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We want to help our kids (and yours, of course) get more into the sciences. There is a lot to explore in our little universe.