Acne Scarring: Causes and Treatments

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acne scarring treatments utahAcne Scarring: Causes and Treatments

Your breakouts might be a thing of the past but sometimes acne scarring can be a harsh reminder of 7th grade picture day over and over! Luckily, these scars can be treated and minimized helping your skin regain it’s youthful glow- without the embarrassing memories.

What Causes Acne Scarring?

What causes acne scarring? When a breakout is really deep in the skin, it can damage the tissue beneath it. As the breakout heals, if there isn’t enough collagen production the scar can appear deeper. Acne scarring doesn’t just occur on the face, it can be found on the back, neck or chest as well. There are different types of scars, some look more like indentations on the skin and others are raised on sit on top of the skin. It is important that your esthetician know the difference because each scar can be treated differently.

While there are some home remedies for acne scars, can be difficult to know exactly what your scars and your skin needs. No matter what stage your scars or breakouts are in, we always always suggest wearing a really good SPF. Sun damage can sometimes darken or worsen acne scarring. Additionally, a healthy diet avoiding fried foods and excess sugar can work wonders on the skin! A really good skin care routine with a daily face wash and light moisturizer can help prevent future breakouts.

Acne Scarring Treatments in Utah County

Avahlee Medical Spa, conveniently located in Lehi, offers a wide range of acne scarring treatments in Utah county. These include:

Each of these services are scientifically proven to help with the overall tone and texture of your skin. So even though there are some different kinds of at home remedies for acne scars, your esthetician at Avahlee will know exactly what combination of services your skin will most benefit from.

Tips for Managing Acne Scars

While we can’t reverse time, one of the best things you can do for your skin is to prevent this type of damage. After SPF, of course, our biggest piece of advice to is to keep your hands off! We know it’s so hard not to pick or scratch or squeeze, but leaving acne and breakouts alone is one of the best ways to help them heal naturally and avoid damage.

If you’ve had bad breakouts for years that have caused acne scarring, and your skin is ready to be healed, come into Avahlee! We can recommend the best regimen for your skin as well as the best prevention methods to keep your skin healthy in the future!

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