Chemical peel – The skincare treatment behind the no makeup movement

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Chemical peel – The skincare treatment behind the no makeup movement

Celebrities like Alicia Keys are symbols of the no makeup movement. But no makeup doesn’t mean their skin naturally looks that way with even tone and a radiant complexion. Learn about the non-invasive skin care treatment, the Chemical Peel, which rejuvenates the skin so no makeup is necessary.

The No Makeup Movement

We’ve all seen those pictures of celebrities casually walking down the street, into a cafe, or picking up a new Birkin. Unlike their red carpet photos in People magazine, there’s not a speck of spray tan, lash extension or highlighter on their faces. In fact, they barely wear any makeup at all. But their skin still looks flawless? Enter, the Chemical peel.

Chemical Peels – Rejuvenate so No Makeup is Necessary

This is how they get away with those seemingly too simple make up routines of just brushing their eyebrows and adding a bit of gloss!

So let’s talk about those of us who are a little less Tinsel town and a little more Suburbia. What exactly is a chemical peel? A fancy face mask?

Chemical Peels manufactured by PCA skin provide a variety of skin benefits. Their products are specially designed for those with acne, sensitive skin, or aging. This means that there is a peel for everyone! As your skin gets rid of dead cells, new ones are produced right below. Chemical peels help to speed up this process! Doing so helps bring these new cells to the surface which can diminish the presence of fine lines and wrinkles, while also clearing breakouts!

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The Chemical Peel Treatment

So what exactly happens during your appointment? To begin, your skin care professional will ask you to lie face up to establish a smooth surface for application. The entire process usually takes under an hour to complete, and your skin care professional will typically stay in the room to ensure there are no adverse reactions as it dries.

Once the peel is applied and begins drying, you may feel a burning or tingling sensation due to its high acidic chemical composition. The amount of burning or tingling will vary based on the type of chemical peel you are receiving and will differ case to case (you might be more sensitive than another person getting the same peel). A chemical peel is comprised of a solution made up of lactic acid, salicylic acid (think of the active ingredient in acne medication!), kojic acid, citric acid (for brightening and energizing!), and resorcinol.

PCA Chemical Peels in Lehi, UT

Avahlee Medical spa uses PCA skin products in each of their chemical peels. Being a certified PCA professional means you can be sure your facialist knows the safest and most effective treatment for you! As mentioned, a chemical peel can be tailored for any skin type. You’ll also learn how to best care for your skin for the most lasting effects. Avahlee can help you find exactly what is right for you! You’ll be glowing in no time.

If you want to love the skin you’re in, even when wearing no makeup, get started with a chemical peel today from Avahlee Medspa. Contact us online or call us at (801) 341-8341.

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