Cool Sculpting Before And After Images From Actual Patients

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Cool Sculpting before and after images from actual patients

Cool Sculpting before and after images from actual patients of Avahlee Med Spa reveal why Avahlee is the #1 Utah Cool Sculpting provider. Conveniently located in Lehi and Salt Lake City in City Creek, Avahlee is committed to providing citizens of the Beehive state with the most luxurious experience and most dramatic results possible.

Cool Sculpting Before and After Pictures*

As with any cosmetic procedure, results may vary. However, these pictures demonstrate the real results of actual Avahlee Med Spa patients and reveal how well Avahlee can freeze away unwanted bulges, such as belly fat, love handles, and more.*

cool sculpting before and aftercool sculpting before and after

Real Results from Real Patients

Many Cool Sculpting providers use stock photos of before and after pictures. While these stock photos reveal the amazing fat reduction that can result from freezing fat, they do not tell you that Cryolipolysis (the scientific process that freezes away unwanted fat,) is a technique sensitive procedure. This means that the experience and expertise of your provider greatly affects your experience and your results. Most Utah Cool Sculpting providers cannot mimic the results that are demonstrated in stock before and after photos because they lack the training, the experience, the technology, and the sophisticated techniques necessary for delivering such dramatic reductions in fat.

Avahlee is different, and the proof is in the pictures. Cool Sculpting before and after pictures of actual patients prove that Avahlee has the skill, the technology, and the experience to deliver impressive results that lead to dramatic transformations.

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Why Discerning Patients Choose Avahlee

For patients who value experience and want the best results possible, they choose Avahlee Med Spa as their preferred Utah Cool Sculpting provider for several reasons.

The latest Fat Freezing Technology

Avahlee Med Spa is a state of the art facility, equipped with the latest advancements in cryolipolysis technology. This includes two Cool Sculpting machines for Dual Sculpting and the latest line of applicators, known as the Cool Advantage Collection. These applicators reduce treatment time to as little as 35 minutes, improve comfort, and allow for more customized treatments.

Utah’s only Luxurious Cool Sculpting Suite

Avahlee is home to Utah’s only luxury Cool Sculpting suite so patients can relax in extravagance while they freeze away their fat. In addition, Avahlee provides their male patients with the Cool Sculpting man cave, so men can freeze away fat in an ideal environment, catering to their tastes and their sense of indulgence.

The only Utah Cool Sculpting provider to be Gephardt Approved

Not only is Avahlee the recipient of glowing reviews and customer testimonials, it is the only Cool Sculpting provider in Utah to be Gephardt approved. This prestigious endorsement tells men and women shopping for a Cool Sculpting provider that they can trust their investment with Avahlee.

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Unparalleled Experience

More than anything else, the impressive Cool Sculpting before and after photos of real Avahlee patients can be accredited back to the experience and expertise of Avahlee’s Cool Sculpting specialists. No other provider can consistently offer the same professional results.


CoolSculpting is the #1 non-invasive fat reduction treatment in the world! It uses controlled cooling to safely and effectively eliminate fat cells.

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