DIY CoolSculpting – Why it Just Doesn’t Work

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DIY CoolSculpting or CoolSculpting at Home videos and blogs have flooded the internet. But can you really freeze your fat at home? No. It doesn’t work. Read on to find out why.

DIY CoolSculpting / CoolSculpting at Home – Why it Just Doesn’t Work

Scores of men and women have used the groundbreaking CoolSculpting procedure to freeze their fat away. Unfortunately, the popularity of this non-invasive fat reduction treatment has given rise to a wide variety of DIY CoolSculpting videos that claim you can save money on CoolSculpting cost by performing CoolSculpting at home.

But is DIY CoolSculpting an effective alternative to professional CoolSculpting? Can you achieve the same scientifically proven results at home? Are ice packs a legitimate tool for at-home fat reduction? And most importantly, is CoolSculpting at home safe?

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CoolSculpting functions via a process called cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis has been clinically proven to effectively reduce fat and before and after pictures demonstrate, professional fat freezing can dramatically reduce diet-resistant bulges. Cryolipolysis works because fat cells are less hardy to cold temperatures than the skin cells and other tissues that surround the unwanted fat bulge

During a CoolSculpting treatment, a targeted portion of the body, like belly fat or a double chin, is gently drawn into a carefully crafted applicator via a vacuum mechanism. The suction of the process is essential to the procedure’s success, since it gathers the subcutaneous fat cells up against the surface of the skin and maintains this suction for the duration of the treatment. Once the treatment area is drawn up into the CoolSculpting applicator, the device precisely and consistently submits the bulge to specifically calibrated temperatures (between 39 and 41 degrees Fahrenheit.) The fat cells are never actually frozen; rather, the cold ruptures and kills those fat cells. The body then utilizes its lymphatic system to collect and process the destroyed remains of the fat cells and removes them from the body as waste.¹

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There are many claims on the internet that the application of ice packs can accomplish the same thing as a professional CoolSculpting machine. However, there are several distinct differences between these methodologies that render DIY CoolSculpting both ineffective at fat reduction and potentially dangerous.


In order to trigger cryolipolysis, the cooling method must maintain a specific set of temperatures for long enough to cause the fat cells to rupture. Even if you can get an ice pack to the specific temperature, ice packs are not capable of staying at a single temperature. As soon as you place an ice pack against skin, body heat begins to transfer to the ice pack, which causes the ice pack to become warmer.


CoolSculpting at home using ice packs do not provide the essential suction that makes CoolSculpting work. When external temperatures grow too cold for fat cells, they actually retreat back into the body in order to keep themselves safe. During a CoolSculpting treatment, the subcutaneous fat is gently pulled to the surface and pinned there using a proprietary vacuum mechanism. The fat cells can no longer retreat, allowing the bulge to be consistently submitted to the controlled cooling that causes fat cells to rupture.

The CoolSculpting applicator also exposes stubborn bulges to the required temperatures from many angles, allowing the cold to deeply penetrate into the bulk of the fat cells.

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Even though ice packs are not equipped to freeze fat, they are plenty good at freezing skin. This is why

DIY CoolSculpting can be quite hazardous. Exposure to extreme temperatures could inflict thermal injuries to the skin and other surrounding tissue. CoolSculpting treatments avoid this issue by applying a proprietary gel pad on the skin, which insulates the skin from those cold temperatures. The CoolSculpting device doesn’t just rely on the gel pad; in order to ensure the patient’s safety, a CoolSculpting device has multiple safeguards built in. The applicator has precise temperature gauges to make sure the skin stays within safe temperature thresholds throughout the process. If the skin slips out of that safety threshold, the CoolSculpting device clicks off before the skin can suffer any damage.

Ice packs obviously have no such built-in safety mechanisms, and because of the behavior of fat in cold environments, anybody at home that’s dedicated to freezing their fat is liable to do permanent damage to their skin before any fat is affected.

DIY CoolSculpting Injuries

Hospitals have already reported patients presenting with self-inflicted injury from attempting to freeze their fat at home. Concern within the medical community regarding this misguided trend is so great that the Journal of Wound Care published a case study regarding full-thickness wounds that have emerged from DIY CoolSculpting attempts.¹ The study contains disturbing images of frostbite wounds incurred after misuse of ice packs. The Journal of Wound Care concluded that dubious DIY information online is dangerous, and could lead more individuals to suffer similar injuries.


Some might balk at professional Cool Sculpting cost, but the proven long-term benefits, and the dangers of untrained attempts to replicate Cool Sculpting results, demonstrate that the cost is worthwhile. The only way to ensure that you remain safe and have an effective fat-freezing experience is to contact a certified Cool Sculpting provider.

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¹ Full-thickness wounds resulting from “do-it-yourself” cryolipolysis: a case study. Journal of Wound Care.

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