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Fat Freezing refers to the revolutionary fat reduction treatment known as CoolSculpting. Using advanced cooling technology, CoolSculpting reduces stubborn bulges by freezing fat cells to death in a process known as Cryolipolysis. While freezing away fat may sound too good to be true, the science is proven, and CoolSculpting before and after pictures, along with raving CoolSculpting reviews prove cryolipolysis really can reduce fat without surgery or downtime.

Read on to learn more about fat freezing and what to expect during a CoolSculpting Treatment.

Begin With a CoolSculpting Consultation

To get started with CoolSculpting, make sure you find an experienced and reputable Utah provider to schedule a complimentary consultation. During a consultation from Avahlee Medical Spa, your personal fat reduction specialist will go over the fat freezing procedure in detail and determine if you are a suitable candidate. They will also discuss CoolSculpting cost. If you think fat freezing is right for you, your specialist will help customize a treatment plan that meets both your needs and matches your budget.

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You can schedule a complimentary consultation with Avahlee Medical Spa by filling out an online contact form or calling (801) 341-8341.

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Reduce stubborn fat without surgery or Downtime

The Fat Freezing Procedure

Freezing fat with CoolSculpting’s state-of-the-art technology is a safe, fast, painless experience. After your CoolSculpting specialist marks the treatment area, he or she will position a CoolSculpting applicator onto the stubborn bulge you wish to get rid of. Typically, applicators are secured to the treatment area using a gentle vacuum mechanism that suctions the applicator in place. The suction also draws fat cells to the surface of the skin for maximum exposure. When the fat freezing machine is turned on, precisely controlled cooling penetrates the treatment area, freezing subcutaneous fat cells without harming the overlying skin or tissue. At first, you may experience a weird sensation of tugging and intense cold in the treatment area. However, these sensations dissipate within the first few minutes of your fat freezing treatment. Most patients report a painless, even relaxing experience during the procedure.

Cooling cycles typically last 35 minutes, but may be longer or shorter depending on the unique parameters of your treatment plan. Once the fat freezing cycle is complete, your technician will massage the treatment area for one to two minutes. CoolSculpting requires no downtime, so you are free to resume your normal activities, including exercise, immediately following your fat freezing treatment.

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After Your Fat Freezing Treatment

CoolSculpting utilizes the body’s immune system to gradually collect and dispose of the frozen fat cells. This natural process can take several weeks. Individual experiences vary, but some patients see results in as little as four weeks. However, most patients require 8 to 12 weeks to see the full potential of their fat freezing treatment.*

Immediately after your fat freezing treatment, you may experience symptoms associated with an immune response as your body metabolizes the destroyed fat cells. This may include tenderness, bruising, redness, and swelling at the treatment site. However, these CoolSculpting side effects are mild and resolve themselves within days.

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Fat Freezing in Salt Lake City and Utah County

Find out if freezing fat is right for you by scheduling an appointment with Avahlee Medical Spa, the premier CoolSculpting SLC and Utah County provider by signing up online or calling (801) 341-8341.

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