How to Lose Weight Fast | Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting

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How to Lose Weight Fast

How to Lose Weight Fast | Fat Reduction with CoolSculpting

Whether it is an upcoming event or just the strong desire to fit into those skinny jeans now, many people want to know how to lose weight fast. However, it is important to know that weight loss is a huge industry, with many products/treatments that promise miracles, but usually fail to deliver. In addition, the internet is full of specific workouts and diets that promise to help you lose weight fast, shedding the pounds in a matter of days. However, the only thing you shed is water weight, which you gain back quickly. Fortunately, there are some methods that can help you lose weight that really do work.

How To Lose Weight Fast v. How Not to Lose Weight Fast

Before you can understand how to lose weight fast, it is important to understand the difference between losing weight and fat reduction. Fat is stored in fat cells. Once we reach adulthood, the number of fat cells we have in our body is fixed. This means, after puberty, our body will not create or destroy the number of fat cells it has. Instead, fat cells will expand or shrink to accommodate more or less fat as you gain or lose weight.

If you are looking for how to lose weight fast, stop. There are numerous crazy things you can do to drop several pounds in a brief amount of time, but those pounds are typically not fat.  They will not give you the changes in contour or appearance you are hoping for and you will usually gain back the weight within a few months.

Losing weight the effective way, through an active lifestyle and healthy diet is the only for sure way to lose weight. It may not be as fast as you would like, but a long-term commitment is really the only proven method for shedding pounds.

How to Reduce Fat Fast

Fat reduction is different from weight loss. Fat reduction refers to body contouring treatments, such as liposuction or CoolSculpting. Unlike weight loss that simply shrinks fat cells, preserving their ability to re-expand to accommodate future weight gain, fat reduction treatments actually remove fat cells from the body and once removed, those fat cells do not grow back. This leads to long-term results.


CoolSculpting is the world’s most popular non-surgical fat reduction treatment. It uses advanced cooling to literally freeze fat cells below the skin’s surface. Once frozen, the fat cells rupture and are gradually removed from the body by the lymphatic system in the form of waste. While freezing fat is very effective, it can take 12 to 16 weeks to see results. While CoolSculpting is not the answer for how to lose weight fast, it is a safe and proven solution for long-term fat reduction.

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Liposuction is another option for individuals who want to lose fat fast. This surgical procedure uses a cannula, inserted through an incision, to break up fat cells and suction them up and out of the body. It remains one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the US. However, many patients who want to avoid surgery, scalpels, anesthesia, and lengthy recovery times, opt for non-invasive fat reduction treatments, such as CoolSculpting instead.

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Fat Reduction Treatments Near Me

Fat Reduction Treatments are not intended to replace healthy living but are ideal for men and women who struggle with stubborn bulges, such as belly fat, that resist diet and exercise. The best way to find out if you are a candidate for fat reduction, such as CoolSculpting is to contact Avahlee Medical Spa in SLC or LEHI to schedule a complimentary consultation. Sign up online or by calling (801) 341-8341.

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