IPL Facials from Avahlee Med Spa in Lehi UT

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The IPL Photofacial is one of the services we offer at Avahlee to combat the signs of aging and effects of years in the sun. Enjoy a more even skin tone and youthful complexion after just a few treatments.


IPL Facials from Avahlee Med Spa in Lehi UT

At Avahlee we are proud to offer several different services to fit a range of skin types, ages and lifestyles. We think the most important thing (other than a good SPF!) is being informed. Know your skin type and know what your skin can benefit from. We think taking some extra time to research procedures and treatment options can help you feel confident in exactly which procedures you’ve chosen. After all, it is an investment and you’ll literally see the results every single day, so we want our patients to know the what, the why and the how about skincare!

As your skin ages, signs of that aging will show up on its surface! Sun damage isn’t just a sunburn from an afternoon in the sun. It can take years and years to develop and sometimes even longer to appear on the skin! You may not even know your skin is damaged; sometimes sun damage can be misdiagnosed as dry skin, moles, or birthmarks. Of course speaking with a Doctor or Dermatologist can definitely be beneficial for your skin. If you ever notice a large mole or freckle that is discolored or has suddenly grown in size, we suggest making an appointment with a Doctor right away. You can never ever be too safe with your skin!

IPL Treatments: The Photo Facial

Photo Facials are IPL treatments that use Intense Pulsed Light to resurface the skin. The IPL laser is painless for most patients, though sensitive areas on your face might feel more uncomfortable. A treatment lasts only 15-20 minutes which means you can fit this right into your busy schedule. There is virtually no down time, so you can reapply your makeup right after your treatment and get back to your day!

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As mentioned, we want all of our patients to feel confident in their procedures. We suggest coming in for a consultation to get all of your questions answered! The perks of a consultation is you get to come in, with no pressure, and learn all about the treatment. We discuss pricing and payment plans with our patients so they can rest assured they’re getting the best value! We’ll discuss exactly what you can expect during your appointment, your procedure, and afterwards. We’ll recommend aftercare options, and give helpful advice for preventing more damage in the future! Your experience at Avahlee will be relaxing and calming, and we guarantee the highest quality for our patients.

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So as signs of aging and other skin damage start to show up, never fear! We’re excited to speak with you and teach you exactly how to manage and prevent skin damage. Head to our website to set up a consultation!

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