Ipl Photofacial In Lehi & SLC: Reverse Sun Damage

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An IPL Photofacial is the gold standard for treating sun damaged skin. Learn more about the effects of UV exposure and how an IPL Photofacial can restore clear, evenly toned skin.


As we age, the canvas of our skin expresses some startling irregularities. One of the most common sources of this is sun damage. This can be troublesome, since, for many, beauty is synonymous with a clear complexion. A quick search for solutions on the internet can lead to one applying daily aloe vera, squeezing tea bags onto the skin, soaking in buttermilk, or rubbing onions and lemons across your face. But these methods can be inconsistent and unreliable – how are they supposed to affect the skin, and what’s happening to your skin when you develop sun damage anyway?


Sun damage is expressed in many different forms. Freckles are a direct result of sun damage – they appear after UV radiation over-triggers the skin’s melanin production. Melanin is a dark pigment found in the skin that acts like sun block. The resulting melanin production does protect the skin underneath, but leaves the skin discolored. Sun damage can also cause widespread skin discoloration, where the skin displays a wide variety of dark shades (due to the build up of melanin,) and red shades (resulting from excess capillaries or inflammation.)

Sun damage is also responsible for the development of sun spots, sometimes called age spots or liver spots. Sun spots are blotches of darker shade on the skin and also emerge from melanin over-production.

Light skinned individuals tend to develop more sun damage than others, and such issues tend to show up on exposed parts of the body, like legs, arms, and faces. Sun damage is more common, and often more noticeable, during the summer months for both wardrobe and exposure reasons. More exposed skin and more sun means that damage occurs with greater frequency.


It’s not always possible to completely eradicate evidence of sun damage, but certain treatments do make reducing many forms of sun damage possible. A medical treatment performed by trained professionals will be much more successful at affecting sun damage than any home remedy. For instance, IPL photofacials utilize intense pulsed light (IPL), or broad-band light, and are a very effective way to decrease freckles, sun spots, and broken capillaries. IPL photofacials, when performed by medical professionals, offer a solid solution for improving your complexion.


Photofacials that employ IPL technology are specially designed to treat the most common forms of sun damage. The procedure has been clinically proven to dramatically affect freckles, sun spots, and broken capillaries.

Photofacials use Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to target sun damage. The light is fired in pulses to avoid harming the surrounding skin, while the melanin soaks up and absorbs the light. The thermal energy from the IPL overloads the melanin and fractures the pigment into smaller pieces. The pulverized fragments of melanin are then absorbed by the body through normal metabolic processes. When those fragments have been absorbed, the sun damage or vein will either fade or vanish from the skin.

Many patients choose to get multiple IPL photofacials in order to achieve optimal results. Individual experiences vary, but the majority of IPL photofacial patients experience visible improvement after one treatment, and achieve their desired appearance after three to five treatments.

Photofacials can target sun damage on the neck, chest, and hands, and can also target hyperpigmentation, melasma, or rosacea.


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