Liposuction v CoolSculpting | Which fat reduction treatment is best?

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Liposuction v CoolSculpting | Which fat reduction treatment is best?

Patients looking to reduce stubborn fat bulges have only had a single option for a long time – liposuction. Liposuction is certainly a very effective procedure that accomplishes considerable fat reduction – at the cost of being an invasive surgery. For some, fat reduction simply is not worth going under the knife and the months-long recovery after the procedure. Others might be willing, but worried about complications associated with surgery.

Recently, though, new non-invasive options for fat reduction have become widely available. CoolSculpting stands apart as the foremost of these new options.

Liposuction versus CoolSculpting

There are some major distinctions to make between CoolSculpting and Liposuction. If both of these procedures are a possibility for you, it is worth knowing enough to choose between them. We will go through the details so you understand some of those differences.

Differences Between Procedures

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that takes place in an operating room. After an anesthesiologist puts you to sleep, a surgeon begins the process. The first step of a liposuction procedure is multiple incisions, made with a scalpel, at the site of treatment. The surgeon then inserts a sharp tube called a cannula into the incision. This sharp tube is used to break up fat, which normally clings together, and then sucks the broken up fat through the tube and out of the body. Patients can expect to spend at least seven hours on site for prep, the procedure (which usually lasts two to three hours), and recovering from anesthesia.

In contrast, CoolSculpting takes a minimum of 35 minutes to complete – patients can and do stop by to get it done on their lunch break, earning its nickname as “lunchtime lipo.” A handheld applicator is positioned over the site of treatment at the beginning of the procedure and then turned on, which suctions to the skin and freezes the fat beneath the skin. Both the surrounding tissue and skin remain unfrozen. Once the fat cells are frozen, they die and are slowly cycled out of the body, creating a gradual appearance of natural weight loss that is long lasting. ¹

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CoolSculpting Recovery versus Liposuction Recovery

Because CoolSculpting is not invasive, recovery takes no time at all and patients can immediately return to their day’s plans. That is not the case with liposuction. For six weeks after the procedure, patients must wear compression garments and restrict their activities so that healing goes well. Full results become evident months later once the substantial swelling and bruising from the operation subside.

Liposuction Cost versus CoolSculpting Cost

The cost of liposuction is usually double CoolSculpting cost. CoolSculpting’s cost changes depending on the amount of treatments needed, the technology employed, and the size of the treatment area. Conversely, liposuction needs to cover the cost of the procedure, but also the anesthesia and the use of an operating and recovery room.

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CoolSculpting Results versus Liposuction Results

Typically in cosmetics, the more invasive the procedure, the more substantial the results. Therefore, the results of liposuction are more dramatic than typical CoolSculpting results. CoolSculpting does have an impressive track record of reviews, and you can see real patient results in CoolSculpting before and after images. Multiple scientific studies indicate that CoolSculpting can result in fat reduction of up to 25% at a given site in one procedure. As with any aesthetic procedure, results do vary, but “improvements were seen in 86% of treated subjects.”¹ *

CoolSculpting Near Me

The only way to discover whether one of these procedures is ultimately a valid choice for you is to consult with a fat reduction specialist. Avahlee Medical Spa is the premier CoolSculpting provider in Salt Lake and Lehi. We are the foremost leaders in body contouring treatments in Utah and can help you determine if CoolSculpting or Liposuction is best for you. Schedule a complimentary consultation today by filling out the online form below or calling (801) 341-8341.

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