Stubborn Fat: Freezing Away Bulges that Resist Diet and Exercise

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stubborn fat

Stubborn Fat: Freezing Away Bulges that Resist Diet and Exercise

Healthy, active adults who exercise and follow a diet regimen can still be plagued with stubborn fat. It can be frustrating as these bulges become problem areas such as love handles, double chins, belly fat, and more. It isn’t quite as simple as “calories in, calories out”, as the weight loss industry would have led us to believe.

Scientific advancements in our understanding of weight loss have proven our body is a complex chemistry lab, not a caloric bank account. There are several factors that determine a person’s ability to lose weight, such as genetics, gender, and hormones.

Read on to discover why some problem areas seem impossible to lose and find an effective solution that is scientifically proven to reduce stubborn fat bulges resistant to diet and exercise.

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The Physiology of Stubborn Fat

It’s helpful to know some basics about the physiology of fat cells in order to understand why some do not respond to diet or exercise. The number and distribution of fat cells become fixed once you reach adulthood. This means you cannot change how many you have or where they are stored. Genetics, gender, and hormones determine this for us. Women typically have more fat cells distributed to the lower half of the body to prepare for pregnancy. For men, the body tends to put more fat cells in the upper body like belly, chin, and chest.

The fat cells in these areas may be predisposed to hold on to fat more successfully than other fat cells. There are two types of receptors in every fat cell, Alpha-2, and Beta-2. Alpha-2 receptors tell the cell to store the fat for future use, no matter what diet or exercise regimen is followed. Beta-2 receptors, however, tell the cell to immediately break down and release the fat into the bloodstream to use. While every fat cell has multiple receptors, one of these will be dominant in each fat cell. This means fat cells with more Alpha-2 receptors resist diet and exercise, creating stubborn fat bulges. While fat cells with more Beta-2 receptors respond very well to working out and eating healthily.

Stubborn Fat Deposits

Problem areas simply have more fat cells deposited there and those fat cells are programmed by Alpha-2 receptors as their main source of information. This may mean your belly fat, thigh fat, or double chin is a stubborn fat deposit and will not respond to diet or exercise, no matter what regimen you follow.

How to Get Rid of Resistant Fat

What are your options for removing these stubborn fat deposits? Medical breakthroughs in the body contouring industry have led to safe and effective fat reduction treatments. Liposuction and CoolSculpting, the most popular fat reduction treatments, are not weight loss procedures. They do not force the fat cells to release stored fat, instead, they remove the fat cell entirely. This is a long lasting solution to reducing or removing these problem areas.

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