The Difference Between Fat Freezing and Weight Loss

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First-time Bold Body patients learning about a treatment may not know some of the terms we use. We want to take the mystery out of our treatments, though, so you can feel confident about them. One common misconception is that weight loss and fat freezing are the same thing.

The reality is that there is a very big difference. Understanding it is key to a successful effort at reshaping your body.

Weight Loss is the Result of Diet and Exercise

Sometimes, patients expect us to be able to solve their weight loss problems with no effort on their part.

The reality is that if you don’t exercise, but do eat too much food, especially bad food, you will not lose weight! In fact, you’ll often keep gaining it.

That’s because of the way your body manages fat. It’s based on the balance between the amount of energy you put into it and the amount you need it to use. It stores that energy in the form of fat that it can burn later. Your body’s fat cells are where the storage happens.

The crucial point is that your body’s natural processes don’t add or remove any fat cells once you’re an adult. The cells only grow or shrink to accommodate the amount of fat they have to hold.

Thus, weight loss is when you burn more fat than you add. You can do this by reducing the calories you take in by eating, or by engaging in more physical activity, or both. It doesn’t reduce or remove the number of fat cells in your body, though; it only shrinks them.

Fat Freezing Involves Destroying Fat Cells

Fat cells are more sensitive to cold temperatures than our bodies’ skin. That fact makes it possible to actually reduce the number of fat cells in a patient’s body. We can do that by applying treatments based on the process of cryolipolysis. That means using precise, cold temperatures to damage fat cells so they stop working. This allows the body to break them down and remove them, along with the fat they were storing.

In other words, we can freeze fat cells to death and eliminate them.

This is very different from weight loss, though. Fat freezing is a form of fat reduction that only changes your body’s appearance from the outside. This can be important, but it’s not a systemic loss of fat. Non-surgical fat reduction procedures won’t lower your weight in a noticeable way!

Fat freezing processes like Coolsculpting do work very well for many patients. It’s important to realize, though, that they focus on targeted areas of the body. We can’t use them everywhere, and they aren’t made for losing large amounts of fat throughout your whole body. They can reduce visible fat under the chin, and around different parts of the abdomen, back, and thighs.

Other Possibilities

Of course, we know about the more invasive cosmetic surgeries. They have been around for decades. The advantage that fat freezing has over these is that there’s no cutting and stitching. That means no bleeding, and no downtime. The results do take much longer to become visible, though, and they tend to be less dramatic.

There’s another promising new possibility, though. Bold Body Med Spa now offers our clients the opportunity to remove fat and build muscle at the same time. This is possible via EMSCULPT. This treatment works the abdominal or gluteal muscles through electromagnetic stimulation. It provides all the benefits of many months of workouts in a single session. It also stimulates fat reduction in the same areas.

So, you can see that losing weight and unwanted body fat can be complex, but it’s far from impossible. You may be wondering which of these and other treatment options is best or most likely to work for you. Don’t hesitate to schedule your free consultation with us here at Bold Body! We’ll help you feel confident about choosing the right procedure for your needs!

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