Vitamins and Your Skin

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Vitamins and your skin

Vitamins and your skin at Utah’s number 1 medical spa

Vitamins and your skin from Utah’s leading aesthetic experts at Avahlee Medical Spa

We all remember those little chalky vitamins our mom MADE us eat on our way out the door to catch the bus. She told us we would grow BIG and STRONG if we ate them! The idea of eventually being Wonder Woman with Jennifer Aniston’s arms was enough for me to choke down those little Fred Flintstones. But guess what! Mom was right all along.

Maybe we’re not going to be saving Gotham City but those vitamins had many more benefits than just strength and speed. Did you know there are 9 essential nutrients your body needs? That means these nutrients are absolutely necessary for your body to function properly. And most of those nutrients, your body doesn’t actually make on its own.

All these nutrients help with the main functions inside our body and also have a major effect on the outside. Just like the organs inside our body need these nutrients, our skin being the largest organ, needs them too.

Our skin is affected by sunlight, pollution, lifestyle changes, humidity, sweat and more. In order to combat everyday stresses on our skin as well as regenerate new cells, those nutrients are vital. Luckily, chalky tablets are a thing of the past. We can get essential nutrients from our food as well as our skincare. When our skincare has top-quality ingredients, just like those found at Avahlee Medical Spa, we can rest assured our skin will benefit!

Vitamin B12 is one of the top 9. This helps greatly in the regeneration arena. Dr. Joe Cincotta says “Vitamin B12..boosts metabolism in the skin cells and this energy speeds up cell recovery and regeneration. In turn, fatigued skin is improved.” Applying directly to the skin is the best way to reap the benefits of B12.

Another important one is Vitamin C. If you’re only going to add one vitamin to your skin, this should be the one! Vitamin C has the greatest ability to protect and strengthen the skin! A serum or cream with Vitamin C can guard the skin against aging and pollutants which can dull skin’s natural glow.

Vitamin E is all about softer, supple skin and Vitamin D helps heal acne, eczema, and dermatitis. Retinoic acid is another nutrient that can have positive benefits on the skin! This is the “active form” of Vitamin A. Your skincare products only need a low concentration of this ingredient to help treat fine lines, wrinkles, and age spots. Used once a day in a gel or cream form, Retinoic Acid can help keep skin taut and reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Flavanoids are strong antioxidants that are found in both green tea and chocolate. These can protect the skin from inflammation. We didn’t need another excuse to eat chocolate, yet here we are!

These vitamins are beneficial for our skin when absorbed through the bloodstream and are most effective in the form of skincare and treatments! Avahlee offers a wide range of these treatment options such as microneedling and photofacials to help your skin glow, regenerate and stay supple! Now call your mom and say thanks for those years of force-feeding your vitamins!

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