What is Laser Hair Removal like?

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Laser Hair Removal in Utah

Hello! Welcome to our first ever blog post! We’re excited to share all about our services and treatments offered at Avahalee Medical Spa. We’re located in Lehi, Utah, right off the freeway so we’re easy to find, no matter where in Utah you’re located!

In today’s post, one of our clients agreed to share all about her Laser Hair Removal Experience!

First thing everyone wants to know is if it will hurt! I had waxed my eyebrows and lip before but didn’t exactly know what to expect for laser. The first area I did was my underarms. It’s important to shave the area before getting laser, if you don’t, the hair will burn and your skin could burn too. The process for lasering one underarm takes less than a minute! People told me it was going to feel like a rubber band snapping on my skin. For me, it felt like an aerosol can being sprayed on to my skin. 

Because I was doing my underarms, it almost felt kind of like being tickled, but very cold and slightly uncomfortable. The esthetician holds the laser in her hand, it kind of looks like a really big pen, and clicks the handle over each area, about the size of a nickle. So think of how many nickels would cover your underarm, and that’s how many pulses the laser will do. When the area is complete, it feels warm, kind of like a sunburn, but it shouldn’t sting or feel painful. After about 40 minutes, the “heat” went away. There is no recovery time or anything afterward. This makes the process really easy, definitely something I could come in and do on my lunchbreak or while out running errands!

My underarms needed about 8-10 sessions to be completely bare. Each session felt less and less uncomfortable, this is because the hair is getting thinner and thinner. The amount of hair you have is decreasing, therefore you have less hair needing to be lasered off. I’ve also had my bikini area lasered, which I admit was MUCH more uncomfortable. The skin there is very thin and my hair is much thicker there. However, just like with my underarms, each treatment felt less and less uncomfortable.

Avahlee will speak with you to decide what is best for YOUR skin type and hair type. While laser is an investment, I would say that even one or two treatments makes shaving that area much more manageable as the hair is thinner! Cost per treatment will vary for most people and most areas. Come into Avahless for a free consultation and learn how you can benefit from laser hair removal. 

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