About Us

About Smarty Skincare

Mother and Son business partners. Pattilynn and Brandon Jensen had a goal of developing a skincare product that had multiple anti-aging and skin nourishing Benefits all packed into one amazing serum. 
     Pattilynn has tested and tried hundreds of products throughout her career as a business Spa owner and master esthetician. What she found was that most skincare lines have an abundant amount of products to treat multiple skin issues. This meant lots of bottles and lots of money spent on products that would be left unused. She thought, “Why not have one product that can accomplish what several different products do”.
     By developing SMARTY needle-free serum plus C, Pattilynn and Brandon finally had a Product that could treat multiple skin issues and save clients hundreds of dollars spent. 
     Pattilynn and Brandon have owned and operated successful medical spas and skincare lines and are always looking for new innovative treatments and products that can help with the fight against aging skin.
     STEM Research for kids is something that is important to Brandon and Pattilynn. They donate partial proceeds to programs that help children learn and develop through STEM programs.